More to Ope™ than meets the eye

Ope™ is inspired by the Scandinavian Design principles of simple lines, timelessness and practical sustainability.  Yet, there is more to Ope™ than this. At its core is technical innovation, which makes it truly unique.  The key lies with the Ope™ connector, a seemingly simple, patented* bracket, requiring no tools to assemble and allowing for a strong and seamless design.  The system is comprised of only four component parts including two versions of panels which forms boxes that can either be floor- or wall-mounted allowing for endless possibilities. 

It starts with the Ope™ connector; the rest is up to you.

Ope™ in action

Multi-dimensional & Sculptural

Through the innovative connector, the Ope™ system can be expanded in three dimensions. This allows for limitless design creativity to accommodate the most demanding spacial challenge or to create the most inspirational space.  

Multi-functional & flexible

The Ope™ system is unique in the sense that the use & function is decided by the creator of the piece.  Whether that is shelving to display exquisite items, simple practical storage solutions or room dividers that create functional yet temporary space, Ope™ is flexible enough to accommodate your vision.  It can be further enhanced with a range of accessories such as sound absorbers and floating bookshelves.

Reconfigurable & lasting

Over time Ope™ systems can be expanded, rebuilt and reconfigured as needs change or to accommodate organic growth.  The core DNA of the product supports a circular economy, making it a sustainable choice for consumers.

* Norwegian patent - U.S. patent - Patent-pending Europe.